UX/UI & Interface Designer? help us grow Gmail Meter. Join the team!

We’re looking for an Interface Designer to help us grow Gmail Meter!

After receiving tons of feature requests from our loyal users, we’ve done our customer development homework and are building a premium version and doubling down on growth. We have an ambitious vision and the next step is growing our team with the addition of a designer. If you love Gmail Meter and are excited about building its future with us, we want to hear from you!

Apply here to this opening.

Desired Skills & Experience 

We’re looking for someone who combines a strong knowledge of accessibility, UX & UI best practices to build intuitive user experiences. A user-centered designer for Gmail Meter must:

  • Familiarized (according to the context) with methodologies such as Agile (Scrum), Lean (Startup), Design Thinking (UCD).
  • Knowledge about user and people research, usability test, analysis heuristics, conceptualization, information architecture, wireframing, design interface, prototyping and generation of documentation.
  • Knowledge of responsive design methodologies, CSS3, as well as HTML5. Knowledge of frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation (or others).
  • Knowledge of visual design theory (color, typography, composition, reticles …) and of the fundamentals of interaction.
  • Knowledge on generation of style guides, application of patterns and systems of design (atomic design, component-driven development)
  • Good use of Sketch as well as complementary tools for different processes (for example InVision, Zeplin, Marvelapp, Principle, UxPin, JustInMind etc.)
  • Rapidly test and iterate designs.
  • Work closely with developers & other stakeholders to create the best product.
  • Love to have fun!

What you can expect from us

  • We’re all in this together. We will treat you as a responsible person and you will have a lot of freedom regarding schedule, vacations and work style. We’re not a typical company. This is more than just mere lip service. We believe in a horizontal model, which means that everyone on the team has a big influence on the whole company. Everyone contributes, and when something is wrong, anybody can bring it up and we all fix it.
  • We are committed to attacking challenging problems and helping you solve them. After all, we want you to learn, not drown.
  • Holidays are unrestricted: we work with rested people and bright minds, not with chair-warming zombies.
  • You’ll have a flexible schedule, with the only obligation to attend our daily meeting.
  • Your health is very important, so we also provide private medical insurance, including dental care.
  • We have a budget for books, as well as attending and organizing conferences.
  • Once a week we receive a massage, did we already mention that we like working with people that are well-rested?
  • We have two offsites per year.
  • We take care of lunch every day.

More about our thoughts on people and teams.

Apply here to this opening.

About Us  

Gmail Meter is a product of ShuttleCloud, the software platform that powers consumer email migration and contacts import for some of the biggest technology companies, including Google, Comcast, and Yahoo. Our products are used by hundreds of thousands of consumers each month and we migrate more than 3 million contacts and 30 million emails every day.

Our team is small, but we are determined to become leaders in the tech community. The people that we’re looking for are not just interested in being part of a cool company, they actually want to go out there and become world-class technology leaders themselves and inspire the people around them.

We believe in iteration, on being able to sketch projects quickly, and either provide immediate value or fail fast. But fast iteration can’t lead to crappy products. This process should lead us to great products, and if we fail at least we’ll be able to learn from great failures.

Want to know our Madrid Office? Take a look to this blog post. Want a preview? Navigate our office with Google Maps.

ShuttleCloud-Office5 ShuttleCloud-Office1 ShuttleCloud-Office4 ShuttleCloud-Office7

Apply here to this opening.

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