Introducing Email Meter Enterprise: email statistics and performance management for companies

Email Meter Enterprise

We’re launching today the most advanced real-time email statistics solution for companies big and small. We combine Big Data analysis techniques with our decades of experience in the email statistics field to offer you our new product: Email Meter Enterprise.

Email Meter Enterprise

Email Meter Enterprise is our company email statistics solution for companies of all sizes, no matter how big their email datasets are. Let’s review some of the features!

Email Meter Enterprise – Features

  • Thorough email analysis:  we leverage Big Data tools (such as BigQuery) to monitor your company’s email activity and increase productivity.
  • Powerful dashboards: you get a full set of dashboards: Received, Sent, Google Groups, Response Time, All Mail, More Metrics… That’s roughly 40 (more every week!) different metrics about your email, response time, attachments, etc.
  • Dive deep, filter your data: filter by user, team, date ranges… or mix and match! Get exactly the data that you need.
  • Departments and teams: add users to custom teams and check their metrics with just one click. Comparing users and teams performance hasn’t ever been easier.
  • Searchable list of emails: get a list of all received and sent emails of your domain and easily check if they have been responded or not, and when.
  • Fast and reliable: get access to months of data in a matter of seconds. Analytics are based on the email logs stored by Google on BigQuery, your single source of truth for email data.
Sent Dashboard for Email Meter Enterprise

We discovered that our email productivity is highest between 2pm and 4pm… At 12pm, we’re heads down developing new features & that shows in our email volume. There’s a peak at 8pm, when customers across the globe are contacting us. This data shows that our team is both responsive to customers in different timezones and processing emails to start the next workday at inbox zero.

And this is just the start! We have an exciting roadmap with tons of new features: more filter capabilities, more metrics, email reports, and custom roles so your Data Team can get to the root of performance and efficiency issues 🔥

Email Meter Enterprise is available to companies of all sizes starting today. You just need G Suite Enterprise to get started.

About G Suite Enterprise

Why do you need G Suite Enterprise to use Email Meter Enterprise? Because G Suite Enterprise, the most advanced version of G Suite, has a new feature that stores your email headers in BigQuery, a centralized database. We use this feature to power Email Meter Enterprise.

So this might be the best time to upgrade, if you haven’t already. Here are some of the other features available in G Suite Enterprise:

  1. Scan images for specific text or confidential data: In both Gmail and Google Drive, automatic OCR will prevent and control critical data sharing.
  2. Automatic email scanning: prevent unwanted data sharing by also setting easy rules for email.
  3. Get the most out of Google Meet: the Google video-call solution will allow you to record calls into Google Drive, unlimited participants and international phone dial-in.
  4. Enforce Google Drive and Gmail security: set rules that trigger when suspicious activity happens, and get access to the new Security Center.
  5. Encrypt your email: using S/MIME encryption.

More information about G Suite Enterprise at

All Email Received List

A detailed list can help you track emails, just by searching in real time. And this is just a work in progress!


Sounds interesting? For more information and next steps, head over to or get in touch with our sales team.


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