Yet another Gmail Meter redesign (with a couple extras!)


Last June, we moved the legacy Gmail Meter off of the Google Apps Script platform which required a complete rework of our tool. We decided to coincide this with a complete redesign of the interface.

Today, we will be releasing another major update to the Gmail Meter interface. While our plans initially were to simply get the interface more in line with Google’s material design principles, we realized this was also a great opportunity to incorporate a couple of features for which we’ve received feedback over the years.

Access to previous reports


All Gmail Meter reports are stored for your continued access. But up until now we haven’t provided a visual interface for our users to access them. Previously, the only way to access previous reports was for you to retrieve the old email notification that had the link or alternatively, if the email had since been lost, contact our support line.

Now with today’s release, all reports that have been generated for your account will be accessible through the icon found in the top left of the interface.

User controlled generation of failed reports

Previously if a report fails to generate for whatever reason, users would have to contact our support line for assistance. With this new release, the UI will not indicate when a report has been failed (as shown below).


Clicking on the caution icon will allow users to attempt to regenerate the failed report. If additional reauthorization is needed, the tool will prompt you to take the necessary steps.

While this new feature gives an added degree of control to our users, we are still ready to answer and address any issues you may run into. As always, please feel free to reach out to us via or through our Twitter at any time!

Thanks for reading, we’re excited to hear your feedback on these new features!

5 pensamientos en “Yet another Gmail Meter redesign (with a couple extras!)

  1. To whom might concern,

    I´m not receiving my last few monthly reports.

    I have been trying to check it in the website as well and always get stuck in loading and never finished it.

    Would anyone would be able to assist me, with my request?

    Hope hearing from you soon. Many thanks in advance for your help.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi,

    I would like to run the report for the past 3 years (either monthly or as a single report) but the only option I can find is for the last month.

    Is it still possible to run reports for past periods?

    Kind regards,

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