Discovering the new premium version of Gmail Meter


Knowing how you use your email can help you improve your productivity. That’s why the detailed statistics Gmail Meter provides about your habits when managing corporate virtual envelopes can be very useful. In addition to this free service, at Gmail Meter we are working on a new premium version with other advanced features.

As we already announced, this premium version meets the demands of users by making it possible to generate detailed follow-ups so that those responsible for teams can have data from all the members of the group. In fact, we are ready to show you a preview for you to appreciate the advantages and operation of the premium version of Gmail Meter. Here we reveal to you the most important details on this new and improved version of the tool:

Check out the new features

The premium user of Gmail Meter, in addition to obtaining information on his average response time to emails, data on the contacts with which he exchanges the most messages, and analysis of his sent and received messages, will benefit from two new features in the next version:

  • The user will able to customise the date range for the generation of reports, which will no longer have to be exclusively monthly.
  • The user will have the option to generate reports on the members of his team, receiving statistics on each one of them, or the whole team. In addition, he will be able to access them conveniently, from both his computer or mobile phone.

As you can see below, the main difference with the interface in the premium version is the presence of a search engine that allows one to receive the monthly report, or one based on a more limited range of dates, such as a given week. In addition, the premium user can decide if he wants to view an analysis of his own email or that of a specific member of his team.

04 Home premium user - team created


Forming a team and later analysing the data of each member individually is very simple for the premium user. He just navigates the page and selects Create a team. The status button will then change from Create a team to My team. Once there, under Add team members, a series of blank fields will appear and, next to them, a button called Invite. By typing the email address of the user that one wants to add to the group in the blank space, and selecting Invite, the user will receive a message that will prompt him to join the group.

06 My team - Default state

If you get to the last field, an extra one will appear automatically, although you can manually add as many fields as you want by selecting the “+” button. When you invite a user, the tool waits until the recipient accepts or rejects it, unless an expiration time for the invitations is set. In the latter case, the invitation will appear as rejected when the period is over.

Also, once the invitation has been sent, the Invite button will automatically change to Resend in order to make it possible to send another invitation to that user, if necessary. On the left side of each field, an X button will also appear that will allow you to cancel the invitation to that particular user. If you click on Cancel invitation, the entire row will be deleted.

08 My team - Invitations

As users accept your invitations, they will become part of My team. That’s when they appear at the top of the “Create a team” page. At this point, it will be possible to access all the information on those users, while the rest is on hold: you can select the month and year of the report you want to check out, or choose a more specific set of dates.

When doing so you will navigate back to the main Gmail Meter page, in which the My team option will appear in the upper right part of the screen. In the search engine, you will see the name of the user selected and the range of dates of the report that you want to see.

From there you can view the full Gmail Meter report about the specific team member, with all the statistics on the number of emails sent or received, information about recipients, and data on those times when the most emails are exchanged.  As in the free version, premium users have the option to export the report to a spreadsheet to later work on it thoroughly.

10 My team - Final state

The team leader not only has the ability invite users or cancel invitations. If required, he can also eliminate a team member. For this he must use the trash icon, located to the left of the user’s name.

As you can see, the process to add team members to Gmail Meter is simple and intuitive. Thanks to this, those responsible for teams are able to, from one place, easily consult and compare reports on different members.

12 My team - browse users

However, the final report is likely to feature a slightly different appearance than the one we have shown you, and its features may vary when we have it ready for launch. We are still improving the premium version to offer you the very best features, so you can analyse the emails of team members with Gmail Meter.